Friday, September 18, 2009

A Charming Exchange Auction Preview - Part One

Here's your first preview of a few of the gorgeous pieces from A Charming Exchange that we will auction in October. All proceeds from the auctions will go to Susan G. Komen for The Cure.

First up, the bracelet on the cover of the book!

Cover for A Charming Exchange_file

Jewelry for Auction 022

Jewelry for Auction 013

"Create Art"

By Ruth Rae, Kelly Snelling, Catherine Witherell, Jessica Berry,

Deryn Mentock, Crystal Neubauer

FLY clay pendant with large pearl necklace


Shari Beaubian, Ruth Rae, Jennifer Rowland, Catherine Witherell

Nature's Gift "Nature's Gift"

By Ruth Rae, Shari Beaubien, Deryn Mentock

Jewelry for Auction 001

50s delight

"Fifties Delight"

By Holly Stinnett , Michael Johansson, Ruth Rae

Jewelry for Auction 024

Button Stack and Pearls

By Liz Smith and Ruth Rae

Dream angel_butterfly necklace with wooden block beads

"Love-knot Necklace & Earrings"

By Ruth Rae, Nancy Nelson, Martha Brown, and Kelly Snelling

Sara's fabric pendant with martha's love charm and ruth's necklace

"Little Love"

By Sara Lechner, Martha Brown, Ruth Rae


"The Fabric Orbs"

By Ruth Rae & Jade Pegler

Song bird_mija_lelainia


By Ruth Rae, Lelainia Lloyd, and Mija Andrade

B&W charm bracelet amber dawn, judith, ruth, catherine, jess, martha, and mija

Black and White Charm Bracelet

By Ruth Rae, Amber Dawn Goldish, Judith Thibaut, Catherine Witherell, Mija Andrade, Martha Brown, Jess Berry

Fan Dance necklace

"Fan Dance"

By Ruth Rae, Nancy Nelson

Sugar and spice

"Sugar and Spice"

By Holly Stinnett , Michael Johansson, Ruth Rae

Sea themed bracelet

Seashore Bracelet

By Ruth Rae, Kelly Snelling, Fiona Mortimore,

Cece Grimes, Lelainia Lloyd

Red PLAY bracelet, ruth, judy, jennifer, cece, maija

"The Game of Love"

Ruth Rae, Jennifer Rowland, Maija Lepore, Cece Grimes, and Judy Scott

Secret sky ruth, lou, catherine

"Secret Sky"

Ruth Rae, Lou McCulloch, Catherine Witherell

Etched copper bracelet


Ruth Rae, Kelly Snelling, Deborah Edwards, Judith Thibaut

Stay tuned for Part II of the auction preview!!!

And be sure to tell your friends! Thanks!


Sherry said...

I received my copy of the book the other day and have been drooling over these gorgeous creations!! So much work, so much love and so many wonderful artists who collaborated to make these beautiful pieces!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Kelly~

I just received the copy of the book and LOVE it! I am just in awe of all the wonderful artists that put in so much creativity and love in the designs in this book. I posted about this wonderful event on my blog :)


Dr. Denise Tucker said...

All so fabulous.

Lissie said...

gorgeous jewelry! What a great collection of artists!

Alice said...

Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous pieces! It's great that so many are donating their time and talents for such a worthy cause.

I have the book and love it!

Anonymous said...

~*I cannot wait to bid!!!*~
(((:::I wish they were up for auction NOW!:::)))

~*I'll be advertising more soon!*~

Amber Dawn

Anonymous said...

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