Monday, April 21, 2008

The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle. - Anais Nin

Hello, Hello! It's Kelly here. Ruth and I have been working like mad women these past few months along with our awesome editor, Tonia, to put the final finishing touches on A Charming Exchange.

We were finally able to see the pages with the written words and images for the first time. It was very exciting. The traveling gypsy who is Ruth, was in Chicago visiting Deborah when the manuscript arrived. I ended up snapping photos of the pages and emailing them to her. We were both so giddy, I knew she needed to see them right then and there.

The pages arrive and we take out our colored pens and go to work. At this point, we've been working on the book for about a year. Seeing the photos of the jewelry was refreshing (literally and figuratively). There are so many different projects and pieces in the book that it was great to finally see them all again. But I, for one, am getting tired of reading the words I wrote over and over again. It would be easy to linger far too long over the smallest of details. But there are only so many elements under our control. And that is probably for the best or we might be at it for another year. We are so ready for the book to be printed and in our hands.

And we cannot wait for you all to see it as well!!! It is set to hit stores in August (which is coming up much more quickly than expected). We are planning all sorts of things in conjunction with the release. So keep your eyes open and you'll see some upcoming book signings and classes that we'll be teaching in support of A Charming Exchange.