Saturday, March 21, 2009

useing what you have on hand

Look at what Pam did! she was inspired by the free project from A Charming Exchange .
I really like how she utilized the craft wire that she had on hand!
below I am sharing her words as I love how she shares her experience working with the fine gauge wire that she had instead of jump rings.

Pam's words:
"I've taken you up on your invitation to send you an image of my button bracelet. It's not done quite the same way as yours, coz I've used Jewelery findings that I had on hand. Instead of using jump rings to join the buttons, I've used a fine wire. I've made the bracelet using a Scotty dog theme. The large Scotty is actually a button. He's quite lovely. Apart from the charm on the left, I've made the whole thing using buttons and beads. I think next time I would use a heavier gauge wire or completely different medium to join everything. Not sure how long that fine wire will last if I start wearing it!!! :) But I've had fun making it. Haven't made anything like this before. Thanks for the project download too."

head on over to Pam's blog to see more of her work.
Thanks Pam for sharing!

I would really enjoy to seeing any projects that have been inspired by A Charming Exchange if you send me a photo to me at I will post your creations on this blog!

Happy creating!


Pam said...

I've finally been published!! Yay :)) Thanks so much for that Ruth, and for your lovely comments.

Tatiana Z. said...

Hi Ruth and Kelly! I've just received my copy of 'A Charming Exchange' and I can't find the worlds to describe how much I LOVE IT! This book is very inspirational, I immediately ordered craft supplies (I'm new to mixed-media, I only have a ton of beads at home).
On page 11 I found a link to this blog with a remark readers can ask questions, so here I am, ready to ask questions :)

Since I am very new to mixed media, I don't know how to use some supplies properly and I haven't found that info in your book, could you please help me?

1. Setting an eyelet, page 37. How to punch a hole in mica? What tool should I use for this? What is the name of that tool pictured under step 6? English is not my first language so I even don't know what tool to look for in online craft stores. If that is possible, please give me links whare I can buy anything for punching and finishing perfect holes in mica (or just name the tools an I will search for them online).

2. All your wires, jumprings and other metal components are bright and shiny in step-by-step photos, but the finished piece has the antique look. When should I apply liver of sulfur to my jewelry? Before adding beads and putting all together, or after? That really confuses me.

I hope you will help me with that, can't wait to CREATE!

Thank you for inspiration :)

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*PAM!*~ this is so nice!
I love your theme!
Scotties are so sweet!
Beautifully made and very cool!